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ICED Grapefruit ®

ICED Grapefruit ®

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dalla grande efficacia contro i dolori dell’anima

Genotipo: Ice (pure) line x Grapefruit
Indoor: 8-9 weeks
Outdoor: YES.
Altezza: Indoor: 80-120 cm | Outdoor: 150-200 cm
Produzione: Indoor: 550-650 g/m² | Outdoor: 300-400 g/plant
Sapore/Odore: Dolce, con un intenso odore di pompelmo rosa e un tocco di banana e certo retrogusto terroso
Effetto: Presenta un effetto euforico e attivo, contrapposto alla sensazione di relax totale del corpo.

Mentre alle prese con vari incroci ed esperimenti genetici, Ferry creò questo interessantissimo incrocio, lanciato poi nel 2005 con gran clamore.

Il matrimonio perfetto tra le sue Grapefruit e ICE, il perfetto antidolorifico per la propria mente. Contrariamente all’uso di tradizionali antidepressivi farmeceutici, che intorpidiscono i sentimenti, la Iced Grapefruit mette assolutamente di buon umore, rende felici e ispirati, come una classica Sativa. La ICE, d’altro canto, essendo una delle varietà di cannabis più potenti, è in realtà un efficace e valido antidolorifico e sedativo sia per il corpo che per la mente. Queste carattersitiche medicinali date dai genitori della ICE rendono quest’ultima una varietà dagli ottimi prospetti che offre al grower la possibilità di scegliere quale fenotipo preservare, qualunque sia la caratteristica che più lo convinca.

La Iced Grapefruit presenta essenzialmente 2 fenotipi: uno più Indica, con statura ridotta, pur conservando elementi tipici di una Sativa, come la struttura delle cime e i calici larghi. Questo fenotipo si presenta come ricco di resina.
Il secondo fenotipo più tipico, normalmente più slanciato e lungo, si avvicina ad una Sativa.
Nel complesso la Iced Grapefruit produce cime dense e compatte, con un ottimo rapporto tra calici e foglie. Può presentare inoltre alcune colorazioni tra il rosa ed il violaceo, normalmente durante la fase finale della fioritura, dando un aspetto estetico eccezionale a tutte le cime.

Da questa varietà potete aspettarvi un’altezza di circa 1.20m. L’odore è molto speciale, dove la dolcezza della Grapefruit fluisce con l’odore di hashish scuro tipico della ICE. Sapore dolcissimo e zuccherato, con una combinazione tra pompelmo rosa, un tocco di banana e un retrogusto terroso.

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  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 01-10-2015 22:01

    Just finished this strain, tbh It didn't have the best start but they kept taking everything I throw alt them and finished really well, was a lovely smoke!!!???? I've always got a place in my garden for iced grapefruit
  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 09-30-2014 11:09

    one of best strains on here for yield, flavour and smell. I veg these upto 2.5 ft and ended up with 5ft ladies all under 400w. average 12oz a plant in 50l pots, they loved being topped and supercropped. Great strains at very good prices.
  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 07-11-2014 00:07

    just started my grow on these babies, but the seed quality is damn exelent 50 seeds all germinated and growing fine... will be back with more info in a few weeks
  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 03-14-2014 06:03

    I bought 2 seeds from a pick & mix to try. Both germinated and grew identical. Short stocky with minimal branching under 1000 watts HPS. Only compliant was the size and length of the high but at the great prices u can afford to get more also veg 4 weeks at least. Potency I give it a 7 on a scale of 1-10. Flavour was smooth with some citrus hashy aftertaste. The smell was unmatched I keept calling it tropical grapefruit becuz it smelled sweeter than grapefruit like pineapple or something tropical. I love the smell wish it was inscents lol. Easy to grow good for noobs like myself only my second grow then. Grew indoors in a hydroponics system and this strain loved it. It liked med level of nutrients hard to burn and I kept my ph at 5.4-5.9 it seemed to do better than some Kush and diesel.strains I had going in those conditions also I didn\'t have á intake fan and air ducting then so it was pretty hot and it didn\'t bother Iced Grapefruit at all. I highly recommend this strain for newngrowers looking for great results and with female seed co. Not price gouging and selling quality strains for reasonable/great prices you cant go wrong. I have the Lemon Kush now to try and white grapefruit after I\'m excited to grown and save. Thanks Female seeds.company for supplying good Genetics soo cheap don\'t change please lol. Illnpost reviews on each strain but think I have to purchase from a bank bcuz of my country. Will check first though.
  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 10-27-2013 18:10

    slt female seeds pour moi ce fut une des meilleurs de mes commandes. 100% germination et 100% femelle.Bonne odeur,bon gout et bon rendement avec une hauteur depassant les 1m40 surtout dans un climat comme chez moi (tropical)! Je la recommande vivement à tous! bonne continuation à l\'équipe...
  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 01-16-2012 10:01

    Female Seeds .....So easy! It's so great thx a lot!!! No worries add to cart.... you w'll enjoy
  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 11-30-2011 14:11

    bonjour a tous Alors, avec la ice grapfruits j'ai fait 2 plantes ,les 2 graines on germé et etait de pure femelle , j'ai eu 2 pheno , un qui aller plus vers la grapfruit et l'autre qui devait etre l'equilibre des 2 varietées utilisées ,car j'ai eu les meme bud que les photos de female seeds , niveau rendement ,c'est bien , car j'ai recolté en tout avec les 2 plantes ,180 grs, ( les plantes faisaient entre 120 et 140 cm ) sinon l'effet de la ice grapfruit est tres relaxent et elle est exellente pour se detendre apres une dure journée de travail ! Je l'a conseil a tous ,car elle est facile a manipuler Blackgandy
  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 10-22-2011 18:10

    Big expentancy started even with germination, so much I go on the end!! Nice cross but not yet stable. Mostly its Grapefruit dom genetics but its possible to find two phenos. It's on the "outdoor growing" edge for growers bottom 45* norht, because it finish about October 15. Buds are similar to Grapefruit,body too. But if you find what I find in this cross you gonna keep that pheno for long long time, im more then sure. Its Grapefruit body (branchy), high resinous & compact buds (from ICE) and amazing ICE potency but mixed with that nice energetic, flavoured, genetics of Grapefruit. My RECCOMMENDATION for outdoor growers bottom 45* norht ! For indoor growers its Must try !
  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 11-24-2010 15:11

    2 seeds germées sur 2 en 48h(une est morte dans son cube ldr ) pheno 50/50 indica sativa,bonne croissance,rendement medium,récoltée a 58 jours de flo gout/effet:on sens bien l influence de fruitée de la grapefruit avec une note plus fraiche peut etre, difficile a juger quand meme je ne connais pas votre ice...bon stone

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