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il Sacro Graal delle piante di cannabis.

Genetic lineage: C99 x C99
Indoor: 8-9 weeks
Outdoor: YES.
Height: Indoor: 80-100 cm | Outdoor: 150-200 cm
Yield: Indoor: 500-600 g/m² | Outdoor: 400 g/plant
Sapore/odore: Odore dolce e fruttato dal retrogusto di pompelmo
Effetto: Effetto stimolante ed euforico che lascia attivi e incrementa creatività come una pura Sativa

È stata una delle prime varietà di semi femmina lanciati alla nascita di Female Seeds nel 2003. In realtà Ferry ha effettivamente iniziato a lavorare su questo ceppo a partire dal 1999 e la prima partita di questa incredibile varietà fu prodotta come semi regolari per altre banche.
Anni di sperimentazione con l'originale C99 dei fratelli Grimm hanno portato infine alla creazione della nostra C99. Le origini sono difficili da stabilire, ma si tratta di una Sweet Thai dalla fioritura lunga incrociata con una Sativa dalla fioritura breve, molto probabilmente, la Durban Poison.

La produzione attuale è stato reincrociata per stabilizzare la genetica con due fenotipi C99 appositamente selezionati, uno Grapefruit (pompelmo) e il leggendario fenotipo Pineapple. Il risultato è il cosiddetto Sacro Graal delle specie di cannabis, una Sativa a rapida fioritura che ha il sapore e un high tipico di una landrace Sativa eccezionalmente dolce. Un landrace che normalmente richiederebbe un 6 mesi di fioritura. Eppure la nostra C99 fiorisce in sole 8-9 settimane e ha un contenuto di CBD insolitamente alto per un varietà Sativa. In realtà ha portato alla ribalta un nuovo chemiotipo, CBD-Sativa.

La C99 non presenta uno stretching notevole e cresce come da sogno, molto vigorosa. All'aperto lo stretching è notevole e nella fase di fioritura questa varietà può raggiungere addirittura un'altezza tra 2 e 3 metri.

Questa C99 è un ibrido a predominanza Sativa e presenta 2 fenotipi. Uno è leggermente più compatto, mentre l'altro ha uno stretching maggiore. Eppure entrambi hanno quel gusto e quell'odore eccezionali. Infine è una varietà che produce varie cime a forma di candela tipo Sativa essenzialmente molto dense e compatte ricoperte interamente da resina.

Gusto e aroma risultano molto fruttati. Un fenotipo ha quel meraviglioso sapore di pompelmo. L'altro fenotipo ha quel sapore di ananas, ora divenuto leggendario e tanto ricercato. Nel complesso, presenta gusto molto equilibrato tra dolce e gradevolmente acido. Grazie ad un high tipico di una Sativa la C99 è stimolante per la creatività, avvolgente e mai eccessiva. Un high che dura a lungo e stimola la mente, fornendoti tanta energia e creatività.

neuropathic pain management (class A)
Relief of symptoms for Crohn’s disease and Colitis Ulcerosa (Class A)
relief of symptoms of insomnia (Class B)
Relief of symptoms of spasms and MS due to its CBD content (Class C)

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12 recensioni per

  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 07-02-2018 10:07

    208 grams of C99 (1 plant out of 16 plants (mixed varieties) / 6ooWatt). Sativa strain, but quickly ripened. 9 weeks will do perfect. Small buds, but great yield. Fast growing, needs to be supported (SCROG or else).
  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 06-14-2017 07:06

    Superb. I had 4 beans. One didn't make it, one was bad pheno, but two of the were fantastic, beautiful, huge, sweet, fast. Great for beginners, a must try for experienced gardeners. Very forgiving. Stay low on nutrients until you see flowers, then they need more, but be careful. 56 days is for smaller phenos, the bigger needs more. I very strongly recommend this strain. It has a place in my garden forever.
  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 02-22-2016 16:02

    Super goût ananas, odeur fruitée, stone et high. Descente un peu fatigante. Par contre, mauvaise résistance à la moisissure, coupée 2 semaines avant les autres car la moisissure attaquait les têtes.
  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 02-11-2016 14:02

    Very nice smoke but needs 9-11 weeks flower to get there. Anything chopped earlier is annoying buzzy shit for the most part & best turned into hash :) In my experience they'll stretch up to 2-2.5m if the grow environment is hot (above 27C day/night) but the same phenotype will top out at about 1.75m when the temperature is under 25C. That makes it a good indoor grow for winter when you can pull some outside air into the growing area. Last grow wanted some Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) mid-way through flowering, once that was sorted then trouble-free on nutrient uptake. That was the first one I've seen like that although I had one Grapefruit do the same years ago. Yields are high & the buds aren't dense so no worries about budrot.
  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 09-30-2014 11:09

    another fantastic strain from a very reliable company. The smell is amazing from these in flower and the overall yield is high. I pulled 10 each from these ladies and would highly recommend this strain as its not overpowering and gives you a cerebral high
  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 08-03-2014 21:08

    This is by far the best strain I\'ve grew. It\'s at its full potential at 49-56 days of flower. Amazing discreet smell throughout the grow. Nice thin serrated leafs, quite low branchy structure. I was always topping/LSTing this plant, did not see any stress. I harvested one at day 56, it was very uplifting, positive, clearhead energetic trippy high. Absolutely outstanding, pretty much everytime I\'ve smoked it I had that hysteric laugh. Also it was a awesome additive to sexual experience. Another pheno I had was pretty much everything above except for hysteric laugh/trippy and sex part. Most of my friends agreed to high we had - energetic uplifting positive racy high. And the price for this masterpiece is ridiculously low. The only drawback is munchies.. non of the weed i\'ve smoked made me this hungry. Femaleseeds did a real good job on this. Will be buying again and will continue recommending it. Hope you will keep the quality both on product and services!
  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 07-09-2014 18:07

    Perfect! I have completely opposite experience with phenotypes than the guy below. Wegged them for 30 days under 1000 bulb. This strain does perfectly well in Scrog too, i have topped all 8 strains by mistake along with some indicas,but it gave me HUGE amount of bud in return in 8-9 weeks of flowering, which i was not expecting at all, as Sativa-like gems do not like topping. This was by far my biggest surprise ever. All of them produced 4 huge baseball bat buds with few small and rewarded me with almost 600g dried buds from just 8 strains. If you are going for SOG or SCROG, get this one, you wont be disappointed. And even the price^^ I <3 femaleseeds
  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 04-24-2014 00:04

    Very good seeds. All germinated quick and strong. Only one phenotype finished quick which was one out of the 10. Expect the more sativas to go 11 weeks Atleast but they are monster producers. Some even go dark purple. Lovely taste. I would grow again.
  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 10-31-2012 08:10

    Petite question : Est ce que je dois pinçer obligatoirement mes C99 ? Elles peuvent atteindre quelle taille avec des pots de 6.5L ?
  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 08-18-2012 07:08

    commander 4 c99 + 4 neville haze recue en plus 3 iced widows. Sur une graine de chaque mise a germer celle de c99 a sortit deux germes trop cool 1 pied en plus.Tres bon breeder
  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 05-03-2012 19:05

    Hello Les nouvelles graines de C-99 seront en stock vers quelle période S.V.P merci Druidman.
  • Scritto da: anonymous customer 09-17-2011 18:09

    Graine offerte lors de mon achat sur FS. Une plante hallucinante en outdoor, s'est dédoublée en 2 grosses buds de 30 cm, se déclare très vite et 1ere à passer en flo. Superbe plante.

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