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How to make your own self watering system

The self watering unit works on a very old principle where the water gets sucked up. Self watering containers use a combination of a wicking system and evaporation to ensure the soil medium stays moist and provides enough water to the plants. As the plants absorb moisture from their roots and lose it through evaporation from their leaves, this creates a “transpirational pull” where the plant can have a continual source of water, allowing it to grow continuously and at peak performance, In addition, because it is a closed system, rich soil nutrients and water are not lost to the ground, ensuring healthier, more vibrant plants. Container gardens are perfect for those with a busy lifestyle and those who don’t have time to water every day.

Self watering container is also the solution for LED grow regarding the water. LED grow light sellers advise always a minimum of watering against mold. With the risk that your soil dries out and your roots die. With the self watering unit you always have the perfect humidity in your soil, not too dry or too wet. The roots stay healthy and you only have to water once a week!

Photo 1: Get a container with a lid and two plant containers.
Photo 2: Draw the lines of two pots on the lid.
Photo 3: Then drill as much holes as possible on the lid.
Photo 4: Draw a line for the tube.
Photo 5.
Photo 6: Saw holes in the lid.
Photo 7.
Photo 8: Fill up the corners of the box.
Photo 9: Put the lid and the tube in the box.
Photo 10: Fill the container with cocopeat .
Photo 11: Drill wholes to avoid overwatering.
Photo 12: Fill the box with soil and throw water/fertilized mixture in the tube.