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Soil recycling

Normally with recycling the product changes from a high grade product to a lower grade product. With soil recycling, however, you actually improve the quality of the soil in an easy way. Besides this it is also very convenient, as you don't have any waste products and don't need to keep on purchasing new soil. It only takes a little time, space and (rain) water. To see how it works..

Photo 1: Find a container from 10 liters to 200 liters and drill some holes in it. Then throw your old soil in the container.
Photo 2: Flush with (rain) water until all the salt build up is flushed out
Photo 3: Do your last flush with an E.M. solution. For example 50 ml E.M.1 + 50 ml mollases to 5 liters.
Photo 4
Photo 5: Prepare the old soil and get rid of the big chunks, make them small.
Photo 6: Fertilize with your favorite organic dung and/or super bokashi. And one small hand of chalk to 200 liters soil.
Photo 7: Mix it all well =
Photo 8: Store it for 3 weeks on 25 C". As compact as possible and after 3 weeks you have upgraded soil ready for use.