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SexBud 4

SexBud 4


Genetic lineage: C99 x White Grapefruit
Indoor: 8-9 weeks
Outdoor: Yes
Height: Indoor: 80-100 cm | Outdoor: 100-200 cm
Yield: Indoor: 350-500 g/m² | Outdoor: 450-600 gr/plant
Taste/smell: Extremely fruity smell and a delicate and intense taste of tropical fruit
Effect: A stimulating, creative and energetic high. A social high

Our Sexbud feminized seeds will ensure plants that have a highly energising and uplifting Sativa high, truly creative and highly sensually stimulating. SexBud is great for losing inhibitions, maintaining a high energy level and getting creative with a willing partner! That is how Sexbud got her name.

Our SexBud cannabis strain is the product of years of hard work. This is the spectular result of a cross of a special White Grapefruit phenotype with our legendary C99. The Sexbud feminized seeds were launched only very recently (in 2015) and have since been gaining popularity rapidly.

SexBud is an improved version of the C99 and she maintains its Sativa traits, although the leaf structure is more Indica inclined. The SexBud cannabis plant develops with typical Sativa-like characteristic, meaning a tall structure with larger internodal spacing.

What truly sets this strain apart from any other strain is the luscious smell and taste. The odour from SexBud is very complex with hints of Grapefruit, Pineapple and Peach. These are only a few of the exciting fragrances people have described.

The effect of SexBud works best when used in moderation and can bring the sexual experiences to new heights!

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