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SexBud ®

SexBud ®

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Genetic lineage: C99 x White Grapefruit
Indoor: 8-9 weeks
Outdoor: Yes
Height: Indoor: 80-100 cm | Outdoor: 100-200 cm
Yield: Indoor: 350-500 g/m² | Outdoor: 450-600 gr/plant
Taste/smell: Extremely fruity smell and a delicate and intense taste of tropical fruit
Effect: A stimulating, creative and energetic high. A social high

Our Sexbud feminized seeds will ensure plants that have a highly energising and uplifting Sativa high, truly creative and highly sensually stimulating. SexBud is great for losing inhibitions, maintaining a high energy level and getting creative with a willing partner! That is how Sexbud got her name.

Our SexBud cannabis strain is the product of years of hard work. This is the spectular result of a cross of a special White Grapefruit phenotype with our legendary C99. The Sexbud feminized seeds were launched only very recently (in 2015) and have since been gaining popularity rapidly.

SexBud is an improved version of the C99 and she maintains its Sativa traits, although the leaf structure is more Indica inclined. The SexBud cannabis plant develops with typical Sativa-like characteristic, meaning a tall structure with larger internodal spacing.

What truly sets this strain apart from any other strain is the luscious smell and taste. The odour from SexBud is very complex with hints of Grapefruit, Pineapple and Peach. These are only a few of the exciting fragrances people have described.

The effect of SexBud works best when used in moderation and can bring the sexual experiences to new heights!

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  • Written by: anonymous customer 02-22-2019 17:02

    Excellent strain! Got 8 dried ounces from 1 pretty big outdoor plant. Great Sativa high, then after about an hour it gets a little stronger! It’s like a two step high! Plant was about 2 m high. Branches were strong, only at end they drooped because of weight of the buds. Started it a little late - here in Southern Ontario our safe no overnight frost date is May 24, but I planted this one outdoor on June 10. Summer of 2018 was great for all plants. Harvested Oct 15, because weather was so good, but could’ve harvested end of September. In October one of the others got a bit of mould but SexBud didn’t. Highly recommend!
  • Written by: anonymous customer 07-02-2018 10:07

    34 grams of Sex Bud (1 plant out of 16 plants (mixed varieties) / 6ooWatt). Sativa strain, but quickly ripened. 9 weeks will do perfect. Small buds, but great yield. Faster ripened than C99. Does not need support. Sweet subtle fruity smell. Peaches, pineapple... ???? But also hints of catpee smell ????
  • Written by: anonymous customer 11-26-2017 18:11

    Après avoir testé la sexbud en intérieur, je l'ai essayé en extérieur. J'ai planté 3 graines, 3 germés, assez précoce en extérieur, j'ai coupé le 28 septembre à 50/52 jours de flo, il devaient y avoir en moyenne 5/10% de trichomes ambrées. Je suis tombé sur deux phenos, 2 plantes identiques assez élancé avec de bonnes secondaires, odeur pêche/fruit tropical, goût d'ice tea sucré, assez addictif. Et l'autre phénotype, plus trapu avec des buds beaucoup plus denses et une odeur de pamplemousse. Niveau effet : a petite dose sa met un jolie coups de peps, mais a grosse dose sa met une grosse claque dans le cerveau mais tu reste actif, c'est assez drôle. Pour moi c'est une valeur sur autant a faire pousser qu'a fumer.
  • Written by: anonymous customer 06-03-2017 14:06

    from 1 seed 2 bushes ... wtf, lucky ?
  • Written by: anonymous customer 02-22-2016 16:02

    90 grammes, 1m50, stretch x3. Meilleure beuh par rapport au goût, très fruitée (pamplemousse) et très forte odeur. Stone, mais juste assez, pas trop au fond du canapé.
  • Written by: anonymous customer 02-22-2016 16:02

    90 grammes, 1m50, stretch x3. Meilleure beuh par rapport au goût, très fruitée (pamplemousse) et très forte odeur. Stone, mais juste assez, pas trop au fond du canapé.
  • Written by: anonymous customer 12-14-2015 19:12

    Salut, C'est la première fois que je commande sur female seeds et parmi toute les variété du placo c'est la meilleur. Grosse sativa a floraison courte, pour moi elle serait comparable a la critical + de chez Dinafem mais en ultra fruité et plus résineuse, je recommande à tous le monde :)
  • Written by: anonymous customer 12-07-2015 18:12

    got a free seed of this strain and it was the best weed iv grown. really fast flowering,lots of thrich's and the sweetest taste,had to clone this 1 for sure . only thing that is weird is the autoflowering that happens when u put them under a low wattage lighting like mother or clone room.

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