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Outdoor Grapefruit ®

Outdoor Grapefruit ®

10 Seeds €48,50
4 Seeds €20,00

Here we have a small cannabis batch of an Grapefruit inbred with Easy Sativa.

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Genetic lineage: Easy Sativa x Grapefruit
Outdoor: YES, EARLY FINISHER. See page … for suitable Outdoor zones worldwide and corresponding harvest periods
Height:Outdoor: 200-250 cm
Yield: Outdoor: 500-700 g/plant
Taste/smell: Grapefruit smell and fruity/pine taste
Effect: Coming up slow but steady, clear energetic high with a mild body stone

The Outdoor Grapefruit strain all started from a small seed batch of Grapefruit inbred with Easy Sativa. We knew we were on to a winner! And so, the project was started back in 1990. An 80% Grapefruit strain selected due to its early and fast flowering features. The Outdoor Grapefruit was stabilized over several generations and is now part of our permanent collection due to the success of the first batch. Our Outdoor Grapefruit’s feminized seeds were introduced to the market in 2009.

The Outdoor Grapefruit originates from a long maturing Sativa line. That means they need a longer vegetative phase to optimally mature and produce buds.

The Outdoor Grapefruit cannabis plant produces impressively long colas with abundant trichome formation. You will probably have to support the bigger buds or they will succumb to the sheer weight.

The Grapefruit genetics offer a delicious grapefruit taste with a hint of hashish. The effect is long lasting, one that comes on fast. A mix of Sativa head high followed by a relaxing mild body stone sensation.

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  • Written by: anonymous customer 07-14-2014 22:07

    I love this strain. so I got one of these seeds planted in march in the hill of Cali. it is now july and my grapefruit is in a 30 gal pot. (wish I had room for her in the ground.) she is 8 feet tall. topped lots, and I am sure she will already give me 2LbS. she loves life. next season I will get 10 of these, and plant them in a 10x10 hole to make them 20 pounders. thanks a lot! love you guys keep up the great work. STAY HAPPY. STAY HEALTHY. (AOR)
  • Written by: anonymous customer 03-19-2014 01:03

    commande reçu en 3 jours. nickel
  • Written by: anonymous customer 06-10-2012 17:06

    Super je viens de recevoir mes graines, je tiens à signaler que ce fut très rapide ( 3 jours). Je suis super satisfait du service client, qui a su répondre à mes attentes. Ma commande était assez grosse : 4 outdoors grapefruit, 4 easy sativa, 4 ice et 10 marocs avec beaucoup de cadeaux (2 purple maroc, 1 black sugar, 2 marocs supplémentaire). Mtn il reste plus qu'a bien les entretenir, j'espers avoir un bon resultat. Encore merci vous êtes super !
  • Written by: anonymous customer 10-17-2011 23:10

    100% de germination,100% femelle. Fait en extérieur et malgré un lieu pas très ensoleillé il y a eu une récolte moyenne mais d'une très bonne qualité. L'odeur sent vraiment le pamplemousse, c'est vraiment très fruitée. Dans mon cas légèrement sujet aux moisissures mais rien de grave. L’effet est très puissant je trouve. A acheter les yeux fermés pour l'extérieur!!!
  • Written by: anonymous customer 10-06-2011 22:10

    J'ai eu une graine offerte en cadeau. J'ai envie d'en acheter l'an prochain,car le résultat obtenu est extra. Un bon parfum,avec,effectivement,cette petite fragrance de fruits. Le rendement est intéressant et l'herbe récoltée est de qualité , un bon gout et un effet à la fois puissant,mais sans abrutir. A noter un aspect particulièrement joli du feuillage.
  • Written by: anonymous customer 09-14-2011 12:09

    Bonne graines !! Bon rendement en exterieur !! a recommander ....

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