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ICED Grapefruit 4

ICED Grapefruit 4

Making people high and happy


Genetic lineage: Ice (pure) line x Grapefruit
Indoor: 8-9 weeks
Outdoor: YES. See page … for suitable Outdoor zones worldwide and corresponding harvest periods
Height: Indoor: 80-120 cm | Outdoor: 150-200 cm
Yield: Indoor: 550-650 g/m² | Outdoor: 300-400 g/plant
Taste/smell: Sweet, deep pink grapefruit with a hint of banana an earthy undertone
Effect: A euphoric high paired with a relaxing body sensation

The perfect marriage between our Grapefruit and ICE®!

While experimenting in 2004, Ferry produced this most interesting cross. The Iced Grapefruit cannabis strain was launched to great acclaim in 2005.

Iced Grapefruit is the perfect mental painkiller. Where pharmaceutical antidepressants numb feelings; our Grapefruit cannabis makes you feel happy and enlightened - just like a classic Sativa. The ICE® strain, being one of the strongest cannabis strains in the world, is more of a physical heavy bodied painkiller. The Iced Grapefruit strain holds very promising prospects with a wide range of medical effects from the parents.

The Iced Grapefruit strain has two phenotypes; the first is more of an indica, with shorter stature and a Sativa bud structure with large calyxes. This pheno is loaded with resin. The second phenotype is slightly taller and more Sativa looking.

Overall, the plants from our Iced Grapefruit cannabis seeds, will produce dense buds with a high calyx to leaf ratio. Iced Grapefruit can display some pink to purple hues at the end of flowering giving it an excellent bag appeal.

Expect a height around 1.20m. The smell will be very special with the fruitiness of the Grapefruit combined with the black hash odor of the ICE. Delicious sweet, deep pink grapefruit taste with a hint of banana and an earthy undertone.

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  • Written by: anonymous customer 01-09-2018 01:01

    Graine reçu en cadeau ; Merci Female Seed ! Une variété extraordinaire qui pousse très vite ,,et qui sent pas du tout durant la flo . Bref je la conseil aux debutants ,aux gens pressés,et ceux qui veulent pas utiliser filtre a charbon etc. Une fois sèche elle est aussitôt fumable pour ma part (1sem)-defonce ideal journée

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