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Grapefruit 4

Grapefruit 4

For those who like it sweet !


Genetic Lineage: C99 (the Grapefruit pheno)
Indoor: 8-9 weeks
Outdoor: YES. See page … for suitable Outdoor zones worldwide and corresponding harvest periods
Height: Indoor: 80-100 cm | Outdoor: 200-300 cm
Yield: Indoor: 500 g/m² | Outdoor: 300 g/plant
Taste/smell: A full-bodied fruity smell with touches of Grapefruit and Pineapple.
Effect: A creative and euphoric high

The initial Grapefruit cannabis strain was created in 1998 as a regular strain from a special C99 clone crossed with a Thai Sativa, and an automatic strain to improve flowering time. So, the Grapefruit strain has been around for nearly 20 years!

Our Grapefruit feminized seeds have improved over the years and the female version was launched in 2003 at the start of Female Seeds. The Grapefruit strain currently being sold stems from an amazing line Ferry created in 2007. The parents of that line were selected on two criteria: the amazingly strong Grapefruit / Pineapple smell and the moderate height of the phenotypes.

The Grapfruit strain is an extremely fast flowering cannabis strain. Grapefruit, from the start, has always been an amazing yielder of lusciously smelling bud. The current Grapefruit cannabis strain has been stabilized over several generations resulting in an early maturing and massive yielding beast.

Our Grapefruit feminized seeds will give you a plant that is highly praised and highly sought-after strain due to the amazing smell and taste. The outstanding sweet and sour taste of pineapple and grapefruit is truly mouthwatering. The effect is a soaring, head high that inspires creativity and is long-lasting. Classic Sativa stuff. All in all, a true winner!

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