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Easy Sativa 4

Easy Sativa 4

A cannabis strain so easy outdoors !


Genetic lineage: Sativa
Indoor: 7-8 weeks
Outdoor: YES, EARLY FINISHER. See page … for suitable Outdoor zones worldwide and corresponding harvest periods
Height:Indoor: 150 cm | Outdoor: 150-300 cm
Yield: Indoor: 300-450 g/m² | Outdoor: 400-700 g/plant
Taste/smell: A herbal odour with hints of mint, pine and citrus. The taste is sweet like honey with a spicey touch.
Effect: A longlasting cerebral high that is uplifting and inspiring

Our Easy Sativa strain perfectly embodies Female Seeds’ motto. The perfect strain for an outdoor newbie. Easy Sativa is not a fussy feeder whatsoever. Easy Sativa is just “so easy”!

The Easy Sativa strain was developed specifically for outdoor growers and it can reach an impressive height of around 3 metres with typical Sativa fan leaves; long and slim, narrow and serrated. Easy Sativa is highly mould-resistant because of her open bud structure.

Easy Sativa produces large heavy buds that are covered with potent resin. Expect some variation in taste for some phenotypes. Some are spicier than sweet. Others are predominantly sweet. The appearance of the Easy Sativa cannabis plant is one of a truly pure landrace sativa, a Christmas tree-like shape.

The smell of Easy Sativa is herbal with notes of pine, mint and citrus. The taste is sweet, honeylike.

The high is markedly cerebral, clearly showing its pure sativa features, mainly happy and inspiring effects. This is a strain for any time of day, doesn’t make tired but that has a long lasting effect, starting slow and coming back in waves.

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