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CBD oil 5% RAW

CBD oil 5% RAW

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Production and quality control
Our CBD oil is 100% organic, which makes it pesticide herbicide-free. Our cannabis Sativa L. Hemp is developed in Europe. The greater part our fields are planted with EU approved hemp seeds. Each single stage of the transformation will be monitored, starting with germination to bottling of our hemp oil. This to safeguard a superior quality CBD product. We use an entire plant extract. As we are concerned for our quality standard we don't utilize additives or do we use preservatives. We do the most extreme effort to preserve all helpful properties of this CBD oil. Thanks to this, the hemp oil contains amounts of CBC, CBG and CBN, instead of only cannabidiol (CBD).

All the CBD products we sell were consistently processed and strictly monitored according to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines to ensure it is completely healthy for our consumption. A few studies have shown that some allergic reactions could happen to some individuals. These symptoms can occur when smoking the herb or when exposed to some of its pollen. Several studies have demonstrated the anti-inflammatory characteristics of CBD. This features have a potential to temper these terrible allergic reactions.

Content Hemp oil
• 5% CBD oil
• 500 mg of CBD in each bottle
• Every single droplets contains 1,67 mg of CBD

Storing your product
Store refrigerated. Keep out of sunlight

Using your product
• Take your bottle from the fridge 30 minutes before you want to use it
• Always shake thoroughly before use
• Take 5 drops 3 times a day. Place the drops underneath your tongue. Hold the drops for 60 seconds before ingesting the drops

Hemp oil has a typical, powerful and earthy taste. Not everyone likes it. This is why we mix it with organic olive oil to bring in better taste and help hiding the earthy taste from the CBD oil.

This product is NOT FDA approved. Women breastfeeding and women carrying a baby should not use any CBD products. Always consult your General Practitioner before starting to use any alimentary complement. Of course this also applies if you think of using cannabidiol products. This hemp oil is not aimed at diagnose, prevent, cure or treat any condition or illness.

All data on our site is purely informational. We don’t claim nor give any medical or other professional advice, this you get from your doc.

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