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CBD oil 15% RAW

CBD oil 15% RAW

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Production and quality control
The hemp is grown fully organic without the use of herbicides and pesticides. 100% natural. We solely plant Cannabis Sativa L. hemp seeds that are certified. We continuously monitor the entire process of cultivation and the final production of our CBD products. By principle we strongly oppose using additives or preserving agent in our hemp oil products. We try to harness every single saluable component in every hemp product we produce. This particular CBD product contain CBDA and CBD as main components plus CBN, CBC and CBG in small quantities.

By following the GMP guidelines we do all we possibly can to manufacture high-quality product that is safe to use for the consumer. Studies and research have indicated a relation between inhaling cannabis and/or being exposed to pollen and some allergic responses. Countless studies and research have indicated that Cannabidiol holds strong anti-inflammatory properties. That can help reduce or even stop allergic responses.

The RAW Hemp oil has a powerful and earthy taste. Not a flavor everyone likes, so we have added a smooth tasting organic olive oil to soften that flavor.

How do I keep the oil fresh?
• Keep the bottle away from sunlight and store it in your fridge.

How do I use Hemp oil?
• 30 minutes beforehand you get the bottle from out of the fridge.
• Shake before using the oil
• Use 5 drops at a time
• Place these drops underneath your tongue
• Hold them there for 1 minute
• Then swallow the drops

Each bottle contains
• CBD oil 15%
• Each bottle contains 1500 mg of CBD + CBDA
• 1 drop has 5,01 mg CBD and CBDA

The FDA has not evaluated this product. For lactating and pregnant women CBD products are not suitable. Always consult your doctor before using CBD. Or if you have decided to start dieting. We emphasize that this product is not to prevent, treat, diagnose or cure diseases or any other medical conditions.

All data on this website is solely for informational purposes. We do not claim to be or constitute legal or other professional advice. As a result all data cannot and should not be relied upon as such.

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