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CBD oil 10% RAW

CBD oil 10% RAW

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Production and quality control
We want to provide a fresh product so therefore we use no preserving agents or any additives. We only carry out whole plant extraction so we get every single healthy benefit from Cannabis Sativa L.
This is 100% natural hemp oil, diluted in delicious organic olive oil infused with a full extract hemp that is also grown (no herbicides nor pesticides are used at any stage of the fabrication). We use hemp from the Cannabis Sativa L. Genome; grown with EU-certified hemp seeds. From start to finish we continuously carry out tests to assure an optimal end product. To assure all our CBD products are of high quality we operate in following stricly the GMP guidelines.

Inhaling of cannabis, or smoking it is very dangerous, and the exposure to airborne pollen can provoque a number of allergies. This never happens with CBD oil because it goes through the digestive track instead. Numerous studies indicate the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol as well as its capacity to alliviate symptoms of allergies.

Product content
• CBD oil 10%
• Content of the bottle: 1000 mg CBD
• 1 drop: 3,34 mg CBD

Storage conditions
• Store the oil in a fridge. Away from exposure to sunlight.
• Consumption

• Leave out the fridge 30 minutes prior to consumption
• Shake it before consumption
• Take five drops under your tongue at one time
• Keep them there at least 60 seconds before digesting

Cannabis oil has a pungent taste that is earthy and slightly bitter to some people. We have used a delicious tasting olive oil (100% organic) to enhance the aroma.

This is not an FDA approved product. Lactating mums and gestating women should not use it. Always ask your doctor for advice before consuming Cannabidiol. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat nor to prevent a disease or illness.

Every bit of information on this website is strictly informational and cannot be seen as professional or medical guidance.

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