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Blueberry Cheesecake ®

Blueberry Cheesecake ®

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Genetic lineage: Blueberry x Cheese
Indoor: 7-9 weeks
Outdoor: YES. See page … for suitable Outdoor zones worldwide and corresponding harvest periods
Height: Indoor: 80-120 cm | Outdoor: 100-150 cm
Yield: Indoor: 400-600 g/m² | Outdoor: 150-200 g/plant
Taste/smell: Intense fruity cream-cheese smell and taste
Effect: Powerful, yet balanced stone/high

Our Blueberry Cheesecake (Cheese x Blueberry multiple hybrid) was selected from an extremely vigorous, smelly mother. We tried to recreate a very special phenotype we once found that had a really amazing Blueberry Cheesecake smell. And we succeeded! The Blueberry Cheesecake has two 2 phenos that only differ in appearance. 1 pheno is short and bushy (Indica look). This pheno will double in height from the beginning of the flowering stage. Pheno #2 tall thin shape (Sativa look) that will triple in height.

The plants are very resinous, giving healthy vigorous plants with a light blue shine. Flowers are known to be lime green and dark violet in color with orange hairs covered in a blanket of crystals. Really a big cropper with an amazing bag-appeal. You will be amazed of the huge trichome production covering the buds from top to bottom. Perfect for outdoor in Mediterranean climates and for charas production.

Very intense and stinky smell in the flowering stage: carbon filter is highly recommended! The taste is fruit on inhale and cheese on exhale. Blueberry cheesecake is a great strain for putting mind and body at ease.

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  • Written by: anonymous customer 12-06-2017 16:12

    Plantée en hydro, la plus grosse des variétés de ce run: 150 grammes, très gros rendement, 1m50 , très vigoureux pendant la croissance, stretch x2. Goût incomparable de ce que j'ai goûté jusqu'à maintenant, très significatif comté sucré. Odeur puissante. Effet stone addictif (quand tu commence à la fumer, t'en fume 15000 joints).

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